Which Diet is the One?

At BallaratOSM we are keen to see you fit, well, healthy and active. Part of that involves being at a healthy weight, which means less load on your joints, less stress on your heart and lungs and [...]

Lateral Ankle Pain

The most satisfying part of working as a Sports and Exercise Medicine Registrar is that I can help people find a pathway to becoming more physically active. Often times, an injury or a medical [...]

Supplements Beware

You only have to walk down the aisle of any local pharmacy to notice the plethora of supplements on offer. Vitamins, minerals, high-protein, herbals, weight loss, weight gain, metabolism, energy, [...]

We Have Moved!

As of 29th April, we have moved to Novar at 109 Webster Street. All Orthopaedic consultations and Sports Medicine consultations will take place at the new address

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