Lateral Ankle Pain

The most satisfying part of working as a Sports and Exercise Medicine Registrar is that I can help people find a pathway to becoming more physically active. Often times, an injury or a medical [...]

MPFL reconstruction

Patella instability is rarely straightforward! A presentation with a first time dislocation may look for a quick solution, but one needs to be wary when it isn’t going to work.  The presence of [...]

Patello-femoral Replacement.

Where the knee-cap rubs against the front of the femur, a small category of patients develop arthritis, and require a knee replacement. Some of these are suitable for partial replacement of the [...]

Biceps Rupture

The biceps muscle in the upper arm has a tendon at either end. In the shoulder, proximal biceps rupture is very common, and might be only a minor part of other shoulder pathology.