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at 109 Webster Street.

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Acute injury clinic

Urgent appointments available Monday to Friday.

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Novar Specialist Health Care

at 109 Webster Street.

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Acute injury clinic

Emergency clinic open Monday to Friday
for injured weekend warriors.

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Many will be aware that Mr David Mitchell has been injured in a cycling accident. He would like us to relay his thanks to all who have enquired about his health, and sent their good wishes.

Please be reassured that we are expecting a full recovery, although it is too soon to say when he will be back at work.

In the meantime, however, the rest of our team are available to ensure continuity of care for his patients. All patients will be seen as required, and the team all have access to his clinical notes and plans to continue their treatment.

Should you have any urgent referrals, or require any advice, please contact our reception staff on 03 5332 2969.


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Ballarat OSM – Orthopaedics | Sports Medicine | Active Recovery

BallaratOSM has been a leader in changing services to suit the changing environment.

Masks are required at our medical practice
We require our patients and staff to wear masks. If you don’t have your own, a disposable mask is available. If you have a medical or psychological or some other issue making mask wearing impossible, please telephone our receptionist before attending here. Patients without masks will be asked to return to their cars until the issue is agreeably sorted out. A maximum of one support person per patient should also be adhered to.

Telemedicine available on as as need basis
We are doing face to face consultations. But for patients concerned about coming in, or actually unwell with viral symptoms, we have instituted Telehealth consultations since 16th March. We prefer video, but can telephone for patients without video equipment. Social distancing will be around for some time, so learning how to use smartphones or computers to videoconference is a new skill everyone should learn. For patients that need to be formally examined, or have treatments such as injections, casts, or wound care are treated in line with recommended advice from the Department of Health.

We have altered our usual surgical practices to reflect the current surgical restrictions, incorporating the latest recommendations from Taiwan, Britain, Singapore, and South Korea; balancing the best practices from the most affected locations.

Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy & Psychology are ALSO available by telemedicine
A classic Dr Osler’s maxim that “90% of the diagnosis is made on the history” comes to mind. The addition of video conferencing adds the ability to assess range of movement, movement quality, swelling or deformity, and with teleradiology we can organise and then review images. Some patients are asking what a physiotherapist can do if not putting their hands on someone. It certainly is a different service but Luke has plenty of experience dealing with international sports teams and athletes. Sometimes the sports doc is in London, athlete in Spain, coach in Melbourne and physio in Buninyong. But it can all be managed with technology!

Surgery is now running at 75% capacity
There is a bit of a backlog of work to get through, and until we can work in excess of 100% of the usual workload, the backlog will worsen. None the less, we are doing everything we can to prioritise patients in severe trouble, and are grateful for everyone being as understanding as they are.

Some patients have been very distressed at the delay – please contact us, come in and see our nurse or your surgeon, and we will do everything we can to expediate your surgery, and ease your suffering in the interim.

Ongoing restriction of surgery relates to

  • Limited anaesthetic resources (not all drugs are currently available)
  • Limited PPE availability – masks and gowns shared with other departments
  • Safety of staff and patients. (Prevent Coronavirus spread).

We are available to discuss any Orthopaedic treatment concerns
Our surgeons are 85% of the consultant manpower at BHS. BallaratOSM is our private practice. We offer on-line bookings through Appointments default to telemedicine, but our team phone the patients prior to understand their video / telephone/ or Face to Face preferences.

Our team of orthopaedic, sports physicians, psychologists and physiotherapists include:

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide patients of Ballarat, and surrounding districts,
with the highest quality patient focused individualised care.

All members of our team work together to achieve this goal.

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